Frequently Asked Question

Special Education School
How much is costing for school admission?
What type of services you provide?
How long is school timing & how many days/week?
Have any age limitation for school admission?
How do you work with student at school?
What is an IEP?
Occupational Therapy
What is Occupational Therapy for a child?
What is sensory diet?

Sensory diet is a group of activities that are specifically scheduled into a child’s day to assist with attention, arousal and adaptive responses. The activities are chosen for that child’s needs based on sensory integration theory.

Speech & Language Therapy
What is Speech and Language Therapy?
What is the Speech/Language Therapist do?
How can I schedule an appointment?
How long are the therapy sessions?
How many times a week will my child need to be seen?
How long does treatment typically last?
What are your professional fees?